tentaclesandteacups replied to your post: I love using Stevia in place of sugars & Agave (which is super easy to grow yourself- it’s easy to uproot an offshoot when you see them in a garden! My whole garden is sprouted stolen offcuts XD) It’s handy to have when the honey is too expensive ♥

Oooh, my parents use Stevia and coconut sugar. While I’ve had both, I tried the latter during a visit one time—super awesome. 

And honey. I took that stuff for granted when I worked at a coffee shop. Customers would empty out 85% of the bottle as ask for another and then I’d just combine the dregs over and 8 hour shift and take those home. Haaa. That was the life. 

How do you extract the agave nectar? Do you get a decent yield from your garden?

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  1. notquiteandrogynous said: Coconut sugar is practically all sucrose, its no different to sugar coming from cane or beet, and it isn’t any better or worse for you. Here in Aus you can buy Stevia plants to grow yourself and just crush up a few leaves for sweetness in drinks!
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