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jamesskaar replied to your photo: pot barley, brown rice, lentils, beans, taters and pasta, add meat if you want, eggs, seaweed, coffee helps ride out hunger between meals, farm markets for cheap apples… it’s not too hard.

I gotcha. I lug home 20 lbs of dark greens and starchy vegetables every two weeks, and the pasta’s all brown, but I don’t eat it if my day’s going to be low-key. Lentils/beans stay really well though; I’ve got a bunch of that. 

My french press has been dry for a few months and it’ll stay that way for some time, but I drink black teas often; my issue is that I really like them sweetened and milky, so I’m switching over to unsweetened almond milk and honey—it’s not as satisfying but I’m re-learning. 

The farmers’ markets here are ideal for both [ethical] meat and produce but the time and distance is a factor. I’m considering signing up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) membership but I still need to do more research on that. Thanks for the suggestions though.

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    few years ago i got ‘what?! animal feed?!’ when i suggested pot barley to someone. earlier this year i got a friend in...
  3. jamesskaar said: i use my old 1kilo coffee cans as storage, i rarely throw them out, so i have at least two dozen.
  4. tentaclesandteacups said: I love using Stevia in place of sugars & Agave (which is super easy to grow yourself- it’s easy to uproot an offshoot when you see them in a garden! My whole garden is sprouted stolen offcuts XD) It’s handy to have when the honey is too expensive ♥
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