Posting once more for the afternoon/later-in-the-day crew:

My EP is officially out now at my bandcamp page here.

It’s pay what you want, or 0.00 for free.  If you like cyberpunk inspired music, or music with mild video game/soundtrack influences or electronic music give it a shot.  Tell your friends.  Tell your family.

For real though - if you even give it a listen, it’s greatly appreciated.

If you’re into ’80s first-gen tracks, I’d recommend a late-night listen to Signalrun’s EP.

In eight tracks, his music really carves out an urbanscape of holographic arcade systems, anti-gravitationally propelled DeLoreans, blurring peripherals of neon-backlit wet markets and BITNET virtual jacking. But the sound isn’t relegated to segments of time; it inspires chryo-liquid narrative and dialogue. Just let your mind run with it. 

My favorites are “echo transit”, “broken english”, “last word” and “juncture”, but they’re all transformative. I’ve listened to the album three times and it never sounds the same. 

Name Your Price or Free. [Check it out].