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Visiting my parents is always like starting a quest. I always come back home with a full inventory of high-level spoils: like days’ worth of leftovers from a great dinner, wholesome produce, bottles of wine and homemade desserts. 

And that bottle of extra virgin olive oil I’d been waiting for to go on sale.

And dishwashing soap.

And toothpaste, thanks mom I still have a few tubes of that but—

—no complaints. The hunger pangs that accompany my life of academia are magically gone.

  1. slushymermaid666 said: Thank goodness you scored that Bag of Holding on the a few quests back. XD
  2. jamesskaar said: can use the toothpaste to polish scratches out of your cd’s and gas mask lenses, mint scented cd’s, numms.
  3. ba-na-na-jam said: haha i too just came back from a visit to my folks…and i’ve also a stock of food now nom nom
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