jamesskaar asked:

-www-youtube-com-watch?v=3Aj1wn0k7k4 i was seeing this, and thinking it'd be pretty neat for making cuffs n stuff, embed leds n junk, the first one looks like it has magnet wire in it, it could be used as a flexible keypad worn on the forearm. it might be possible to use skinsafe silicone and put it right on the person that intends to wear it, like halter top made of an old dress shirt with the whole back done in a silicone pattern with a simple led display in it.

The final results are stunning, and I like the speculative¬†application of medical grade silicones for wearable concepts. Though to my knowledge, silicone isn’t breathable, so I imagine the finished, perforated designs shown at the end of the video would be the most comfortable approach for the body. I’m all for humanistic peripherals though. The keypad and LED display sound awesome.¬†