ladonnasaurus asked:

Hey, I was wondering what your favorite comics are? I just started reading transmetropolitan and I find it quite pleasing. I'm interested in your favorites! Thanks!

Isn’t it?

A Wordsmith here introduced me to Spider quite a while back, and I’ve been grateful since.

My list of favourites is still very much a work in progress… I’m in between Preacher volumes right now, but it’s great. I read quite a bit of Ex Machina, but it was sort of difficult to get into. Still worth checking out, though. 

I’m also a big fan of Ross Campbell’s works; Wet Moon and Shadoweyes particularly, but I’d really like to get my hands on his Glory, Mountain Girl and The Abandoned publications. 

Berserk (manga) is also pretty gnarly—I’m at volume 23, and I’m still collecting.  

I also want to revisit the Spawn compendiums; some of Todd McFarlane’s work can get profoundly off-road. And the same Wordsmith who introduced me to Transmet highly recommends King City and The Invisibles

As you can tell, I’m far from being a wealth of knowledge— my experience ratio  favours  “what I want to read”, as opposed to “what I’ve read”, so I’m really sorry about that.