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Yay. I’ve finished a majority of the photos for this closet sale I’ll be posting soon. Predictably, there is very little colour.^

^I’m well aware that black is a chromatic amalgamation of many different  dyes and yes, there are different kinds of blacks as well. 

But you know what I mean.

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    Walking away from this because there is SO MUCH STUFF that I want, and it’s even fairly priced, but I need my money to...
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    buy khy’s clothes, fools! there are some real goodies in this hodge-podge collection.
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    Btdubs. I’m amused by the amount of things in there that I also used to/currently own
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    HEY DUDES AND DUDETTES KHY IS SELLING COOL SHIT go score yourself some threads i’m eyeing that cage sweater myself
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    Heeeeeey, so that closet sale is finally up if you’re still interested. More listings will be added eventually, and I’m...
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  11. wet-chrome said: The level of want for that first outfit is maxed out. Dat blue.
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  14. cassiebats said: How I envy your wares.