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khymeira & | In the coming days, I'll be having a closet sale.

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In the coming days, I’ll be having a closet sale.

Space is precious. It’s been 7 months since I’ve had my first one, and I’m grateful to all of you expressed an interest. 

While the nature of the clothing will be mostly femme, I’ll have some androgynous pieces in a limited variety of different sizes. 

This time, the taste of the clothing will range from “comfortable” to “questionable”. I’ve a lot of spiffy pieces that I’d like to affordably share with people—if you think you may be interested, feel free to stick around.

  1. acyanrust said: Oooh. I wish I could drop by, pick through, hand you a wad of cash then kiss your cheek and wear whatever I chose out! Ha! But; looks like the weather up here isn’t permitting. Unless I drove a snowplow through to Toronto. Hmmmmmm.
  2. chocolategoth said: So excite!
  4. spooki-skin said: oh my! excitement!
  5. thesilverpowerranger said: -excited-
  6. collaterlysisters said: good luck!
  7. soundclod said: very interested in the “questionable”
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