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I just realized that today’s 13 year olds

may have never seen The Matrix. 

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    why, why would this hurt you. this is like it being ten years ago and complaining that 13 year olds then hadn’t seen...
  9. madgirlslovetea said: I’m 21 and I have so much sci fi I need to watch
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    Good. They’ll believe us when we tell them there’s no sequel.
  11. thesilverpowerranger said: STOP IT NO THAT CAN’T BE
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  15. betaserver said: i came to that startling realization last week and instantly streamed it for my little cousins
  16. labyrinthinelasermoon said: DDDD= ; then again, neither has my drummer. He has it. He’s just so busy that he’s never gotten around to watching it in spite of my regular reminders to both him and his wife. XD
  17. voltageunlimited said: i’m almost 19 and i still havent seen it /veryembarrassed
  18. homofuck said: poor, sad little creatures.
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