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Anonymous asked: I would like to say I admire your style and the aura that you project through the dimension that is the internet. I hope one day that I will achieve the amount of confidence I need to express myself accordingly. Now the question: I have always been interested in ordering a set of your custom dreads to replicate a fauxhawk(specifically the poofy black/white ones), I'm black with natural hair and I just wanted to know if you had any ideas on how I could incorporate it into that style? Thanks

Thank you Grey_Head, your generous expression is warming. Confidence is measured in small steps; one foot forward per day, yeah? 

To answer the question:

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Heated up my flatiron for the first time in 3.5 months; in the most awkward stage at the moment. 

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There’s something sort of disorienting about filling out a LinkedIn profile. The process of censoring the incongruities that comprise my sincerest state, and instead, padding this new identity with corporate-culture buzzwords and conservatively patterned blazers requires a bit forethought. 



Japanese sculpture student creates physical voxelated works ranging from Greek sculpture to playful scenes.

I am a student of sculpture at the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. I’ll put a picture of my work. I like digital ones and analog ones .

The top picture (entitled “A monocular landscape:La Marseillaise" (2014)) can be viewed as a 3D object online here

zerotaro has a Tumblr blog which you can find here



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♡whenever I tend to just ‘throw together’ my hair, is when it looks best♡


♡whenever I tend to just ‘throw together’ my hair, is when it looks best♡

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Hi! I wanted to get back into the swing of photo editing and make a cyborg so I used one of your pictures (because of your gorgeous face, wicked fashion sense and overall sci-fi badassery). Is it ok if I post it on my blog?

Hi! I wanted to get back into the swing of photo editing and make a cyborg so I used one of your pictures (because of your gorgeous face, wicked fashion sense and overall sci-fi badassery). Is it ok if I post it on my blog?


Hi, hello.

Ah, so I’ve got this closet thing going on again, where I’m trying to free up space and raise enough for some upcoming medical necessities, so I’d appreciate any piqued interest! Because my closet is so aesthetically dichotomized, I figured I’d create two stores. 

Store Links:

Textile_Exorcism hosts «darker, shinier things».

Sundry contains the lingering evidence of brighter times. 

Please note that some items come in multiple sizes. I’ll be adding new items occasionally, but I’ll try not to spam this too much. Once again, I’d appreciate it if you would have a look. Thank you~!

Whew, yay! Just came back from a shipping run today. I figured I’d boost this in regards to the occasion. 

I should finally be adding some new items this weekend, including a UV-reactive neon orange Artifice Clothing dress that needs a new body. 

Anonymous asked: Now I'm curious. Do you have a secret girl? Whatever that implies.

Anonymous asked: Who is your secret girl?

Anonymous asked: hi! i've been very interested in robot/cyborg aesthetics lately(your blog has been a good visual too for me) and i was wondering if you had any recomendations(book or movie,whatever) that helped formed your ideas about these things. thank you~~

Hi Grey_Head.

My interests have never truly aspired to the engineered purity of the machines, but Transmetropolitan clued me into the visual anarchy of 23rd century filth and depravation. It’s a riot. Find it. Own it.

I’ve finally gotten around finishing Richard K. Morgan’s Takeshi Kovacs trilogy, which takes place in the 26th century. 

Transhumanism and (im)mortality manifest in fascinating ways across the socioeconomic spectrum: the illicit and bestial augmentations among the criminal class; the fantasy-roulette surface states of sex workers; the two-time life insurance policies of the middle class; the wealthy’s accessibility to several lifetimes in top-engineered flesh suits. 

It’s a pretty fascinating and frightening dissection of speculative technology, and how it’s implemented in everything from fashion and aesthetics, to drug-use and pornography, to entertainment and nightlife, to the surveillance of public/cerebral spaces, to judicial incarceration and interrogation, blah blah blah, it’s awesome read read read.

Anyway, I’ve petered myself out expounding rather than recommending, so here, and here

Drakynoch’s given me some really great, trippy movies to watch, so when I’m finished with those, I’ll most likely relay the experience. 

Anonymous asked: "Make yourself a character" you said in reply to someone else's question. I've been trying this every second of every day but i'm afraid my chargen program is broken/text mode only. How does one cope with this? Looking like the rest of them is unsatisfactory and distressing (read: all the stuff i want to wear only exists abroad, must be ordered online, exchange rates are bad, and i'm broke, what do. Please help, oh glorious one.)

This is where I began, and such humble beginnings are undoubtedly char_gen. Clothing “pre-dipped” in the subcultural aesthetics I enjoyed were not accessible (and in hindsight, are lazy), so I accessorized with hardware, fabric paint, bleach and recyclables.

This early-game stage does require quite a bit of creativity on your part, but you have the internet at your fingertips. Find DIY projects that jumpstart your imagination. That’s all I can really lend to you. 

I love attending conferences and play a game of who’s the hipster and who’s the douche. I particularly love the oral masturbation that goes on. oh well, I’m there for the networking (drinks at the pub) and free wine.

I was fortunate enough that I didn’t encounter any rude or condescending people. Maybe the industry vets were actively doing their good deeds for the day, but people were really gracious, and some were charmingly humble.

Oh, I think I know why—because there was a noticeable absence of advertising people.