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Anonymous asked: Whether or not you have a secret person. Keep them that way as long as youd like, I know it is incredibly difficult to let the whole world know about your private life. It is even more difficult to let the world know about someone who may not be public themselves.

While the human variable isn’t really applicable, I admit that my incorrigibility as a private person results in more self-censorship than I’d like. My drafts folder is currently sitting pretty at 988 items, and I’d say a good 40% of that number is text posts—often created when I’m contemplative or emotionally impulsive.

Sometimes I want to meditate deeply on personal things like the abstractions of my intimate human experiences, but …I can’t. Some of the personalities here are so flagrant, and I wonder how they do it. I’ll work on the other stuff though. Heh, great prompt for a rambling digression. Thanks for the sentiment, Grey_Head.

Anonymous asked: Eyyy just wanna say that as someone pretty isolated, people like you have really helped me figure out what I like in fashion. Thanks for everything!

I could relay this sentiment to many of the individuals that I follow. Glad to help share the wealth, Grey_Head. Aspire to your own self-idolatry.

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TEALE COCO X Sean Higgins
MUA: Rebecca Romanin
wearing “blackmass” fullbody harness and “lunar Eclipse” catsuit by Teale Coco
shoes: UNIF

Kill Trevor Goodchild with a squat like this.


TEALE COCO X Sean Higgins

MUA: Rebecca Romanin

wearing “blackmass” fullbody harness and “lunar Eclipse” catsuit by Teale Coco

shoes: UNIF

Kill Trevor Goodchild with a squat like this.

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Anonymous asked: Ah, I was hoping that I could be your secret girl... :{

I’m sorry Grey_Head,
but I’m free.
I have no more secret girls.
I don’t want to yearn anymore; I’m getting old and experiencing lust-induced palpitations at 3:30 in the morning isn’t fun anymore.

Instead, I’m cocooning myself within the folds of this warm, platonic relationship with the one friend who never left. We’re starting a techno_coven together.

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I just finished writing this analysis on the collision of sex, gender roles and commercial exploitation for a story about a matriarchal alien race that utterly annihilates the strange Federation men who try to exploit their planet

original prompting text

On Dexatal it is different, for there the peoples, the ignoble male creatures, breed for physical prowess, leaving the development of their sciences, their philosophies, and the contemplation of the abstract to a select few. The greater part of the race fares forth, to conquer, to lay waste, to struggle and fight as the animals do over a morsel of worthless territory. 

This was such a struggle to write about—I mean, thematically, it’s easy and the vengeance is tasty, but I have no respectable domain over thought processes with cycles greater than 2 minutes right now,

but I finished it.

And now I’m going to congratulate myself with a thick slice of 2am cheesecake and a good heaping of the blackberry jam I made tonight. 


Yoo Jian by Kim Youngjun for W Korea Mar 2014


Yoo Jian by Kim Youngjun for W Korea Mar 2014

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Anonymous asked: do you have any specific alt-friendly companies or models you would rec to an inexperienced person when it comes to wigs? due to my own hair texture it's very difficult to dye or grow past my jawline (so GIS-shag style forever...!) but I'd love to have the experience of long, coloured hair some days, too. thoughts?

The GIS-shag, is great, but I can understand why you’d want a change of the landscape. I don’t have a lot of experience acquiring them, and the sellers with whom I had fleeting but satisfactory transactions with on eBay are no longer. 

But the primary rule is that the better units will cost more. Nonetheless, I’ll have to flake out and recommend eBay, Etsy and AliExpress to you, with plenty of discretion and research. I’m sorry. For a budget, this may be an option? Though I’ve never bought from them.  If anyone could lend recommendations, that would be appreciated.  

A day at the advertising agency.

Anonymous asked: I would like to say I admire your style and the aura that you project through the dimension that is the internet. I hope one day that I will achieve the amount of confidence I need to express myself accordingly. Now the question: I have always been interested in ordering a set of your custom dreads to replicate a fauxhawk(specifically the poofy black/white ones), I'm black with natural hair and I just wanted to know if you had any ideas on how I could incorporate it into that style? Thanks

Thank you Grey_Head, your generous expression is warming. Confidence is measured in small steps; one foot forward per day, yeah? 

To answer the question:

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Heated up my flatiron for the first time in 3.5 months; in the most awkward stage at the moment. 

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