consensualbuttflicking asked:

Would you mind if I ask what got you into graphic design? It's just that, in the course at my uni that I'm doing currently you've the option of majoring in graphic design or illustration and I find both super interesting but I haven't a clue what to do for my major next year and was kinda wondering if you had any advice?

Holy shit! How did I miss this? I’m sorry!

Okay so, I was in a similar situation. I’ve been illustrating for most of my life, and when the time came, I was accepted into both well-regarded Animation Arts and Graphic Design programs, but I chose to go with the latter because, for me, illustration is a tool that I choose to use selectively. I love to draw for my own enjoyment, but the idea of having to go through the rigor of cultivating very strong traditional art skills on demand didn’t seem as fun for me.

Additionally, Graphic Design has so many various disciplines: branding/identity, packaging, industrial, motion, environmental etc, and I love the versatility that such a scope of choices can bring to my future and employability.

I personally find the ability to compose elements harmoniously (illustrations included!) is much more valuable to me, rather than being an industry-standard pro at drawing alone. Since I’ve finished my design program, I can always take a couple of life drawing classes a week or log into Proko’s site to bring myself up to speed.

I’m not sure if that rant will give you any insight, but I hope it helps!

Anonymous asked:

hey, can you post pics of your hair from the sides and back??? i'm trying to collect photos to show my hair stylist tomorrow, and i love your hair. (no worries if you can't i get that that's sort of a weird thing to ask)

Hi Grey_Head, sorry I wasn’t able to provide images in time. In reality I have an undercut on all sides of my head. It’s kind of weird. Uh. Perhaps you can look up undercut hairstyles?

I suppose it’s similar to this, but the side on which it’s longer, I’ve cut above the ear. I also razored the back of my hair so that it merges into a point at the nape of my neck. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance. I took a razor to my hair and hoped for the best, honestly. Nonetheless, thank you.

This time last year, I mourned my face, and the way in which it defied the delicate ideal of my human designation; its breadth and angularity deepening unforgiving shadows on the landscape of my bones. I thought that I would find self-worth in the custody of scalpels, to refract light in the way they do. 

I think I’m okay.