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lizard selfies are really the only ones that matter

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Thanks guys, kind of bummed though because if this was indeed the 26th century where corporeal transference is a thing

and your socioeconomic status would determine your accessibility to:

gently used,

human bodies in which you may download your consciousness into and thus, inhabit

I still wouldn’t have coverage 

edit: sorry guys bad joke :B

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Sorry for the low-res mediocrity. Most of my possessions are in a storage facility across town and I had to move out of my apartment, but I’ll reacclimate. 

I looked immaculate last night, like a prince dressed for a suborbital space gala. A cute girl said I was perfect (at my aggressive denial), and some male pleib tried to pick me up and my handsome face was the perfect balance of disgust and wrath, calibrated at the perfect angle  

it was a powerful moment

I carry artificial optimism through the unending locomotion of day-to-day obligation and survival, but when I’m lying in the dark at the end of the night with only the sound of the blood in my ears, I so wish to dissolve into the vacuum of space.

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Falsified advertisements of optimism in the open chasm of the inevitable

Falsified advertisements of optimism in the open chasm of the inevitable

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Voting ends at 8 tonight and I’m knocked out of the top 16 again ssssoooooo if y’all could help me out that would be cool

Oh, OH! I know I’ve been a ghost, but I boldly accost those of you who haven’t yet voted to please vote for this amazingly talented Doom Soul musician. It only takes a moment!

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i see it 4 sharaya

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Alexandru Nimurad ‘4D’


Alexandru Nimurad ‘4D’

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