Anonymous asked:

hey, can you post pics of your hair from the sides and back??? i'm trying to collect photos to show my hair stylist tomorrow, and i love your hair. (no worries if you can't i get that that's sort of a weird thing to ask)

Hi Grey_Head, sorry I wasn’t able to provide images in time. In reality I have an undercut on all sides of my head. It’s kind of weird. Uh. Perhaps you can look up undercut hairstyles?

I suppose it’s similar to this, but the side on which it’s longer, I’ve cut above the ear. I also razored the back of my hair so that it merges into a point at the nape of my neck. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance. I took a razor to my hair and hoped for the best, honestly. Nonetheless, thank you.

This time last year, I mourned my face, and the way in which it defied the delicate ideal of my human designation; its breadth and angularity deepening unforgiving shadows on the landscape of my bones. I thought that I would find self-worth in the custody of scalpels, to refract light in the way they do. 

I think I’m okay.