Fighting Lupus for My Partner Fundraiser

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Thanks guys, kind of bummed though because if this was indeed the 26th century where corporeal transference is a thing

and your socioeconomic status would determine your accessibility to:

gently used,

human bodies in which you may download your consciousness into and thus, inhabit

I still wouldn’t have coverage 

edit: sorry guys bad joke :B

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Sorry for the low-res mediocrity. Most of my possessions are in a storage facility across town and I had to move out of my apartment, but I’ll reacclimate. 

I looked immaculate last night, like a prince dressed for a suborbital space gala. A cute girl said I was perfect (at my aggressive denial), and some male pleib tried to pick me up and my handsome face was the perfect balance of disgust and wrath, calibrated at the perfect angle  

it was a powerful moment

I carry artificial optimism through the unending locomotion of day-to-day obligation and survival, but when I’m lying in the dark at the end of the night with only the sound of the blood in my ears, I so wish to dissolve into the vacuum of space.

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Falsified advertisements of optimism in the open chasm of the inevitable

Falsified advertisements of optimism in the open chasm of the inevitable

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Voting ends at 8 tonight and I’m knocked out of the top 16 again ssssoooooo if y’all could help me out that would be cool

Oh, OH! I know I’ve been a ghost, but I boldly accost those of you who haven’t yet voted to please vote for this amazingly talented Doom Soul musician. It only takes a moment!

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i see it 4 sharaya

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Alexandru Nimurad ‘4D’


Alexandru Nimurad ‘4D’

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I write this with a lot of trepidation, because I am unsure of the result…

Hi Tumblr.

This is my best friend and life partner, Kris, who was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, a disease in which, the immune system attacks the body’s healthy cells and tissue; harming organs and organ systems like the heart, lungs, skin, liver, kidneys.

The symptoms appeared two months ago, and those two months have been difficult and frightening, as we had to navigate our daily lives without the knowledge or safety of social support. 

Saddled with the debt and continuing cost of living expenses, education loans, and the life-saving medication without insurance, we’re stuck in a living situation that may have contributed to the development of this disease.

We’ve been trying to get out of this basement apartment before this illness appeared, and now driven by desperation, knowing my hard work and humble earnings will not be enough, I’ve created this fundraiser in an attempt to finally ask for the help that we truly need. 

The set goal is very intimidating and it fills me with anxiety, but I will actively contributdo what I can to get us there. I may put a few of my most precious possessions up for auction/sale. None of those things matter in the sobering face of our situation

I am working with a few wonderful artists to create a pretty cool reward ladder for donations. More information and visuals will be provided in the coming days, but in the meanwhile, we would be truly grateful if you can reblog, share or donate to our fundraiser

Fundraiser (new link): Help Kris Live Without Pain on GoFundMe

For Paypal: Please visit:

Thank you so much for reading. 

I want to thank everyone for their support. These past few weeks have been… difficult, which would explain the radio silence on my end. 

Silly complications with GoFundMe meant that I had to start my campaign over, but all of your generous contributions have not been forgotten. 

These past few weeks have just been so— heh, oh man. It’s been very difficult to navigate this alone, and while I still sometimes feel that way, your kind messages and gestures of support means that it’s no long all-pervasive. 

I have a lot of people to respond to. I will, I promise. In the meanwhile, I thank you. Thank you all so much.