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Anonymous asked: I am sorry for what I asked. I didn't think about it seriously. Naive might be the right word, not sure. I feel like a jerk right now. I am very sorry.

Grey_Head, it’s quite alright; your contrition is truly gracious. Just be sweet, respect her identity, and be aware of the implications of yours. Have a great weekend. 

Ihar D.

Ihar D.

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i’m gonna start calling white men mayonnaise

Please remember, only the ones that you like. And utilize an inflection of utter reverence: "I navigate my lips along the landscape of your skin, and the sweet tang of it betrays the siren call of tuna sandwiches." 

Express this in writing; use an inkwell.
These particular men love the romantic nostalgia of decades past. 

Anonymous asked: Supposing that I like a black girl. I find her beautiful. Now, will it be racist to call her chocolate?

Walk into your bathroom, meditate on your reflection and ask yourself, why would you feel compelled to fetishistically refer to this lovely girl as an edible, or as a commodity burdened by a very present affiliation with slavery and child labour

Would you conduct yourself in the same way had she been of Eurasian descent? Meringue? Sour cream? Behold her as the human being she is; call her by her name. 

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Oh yea my razor candi! I’m surprised you remembered. I mean I graduated with a game design degree, but as far as a job yet no such luck :(

I remember the accuracy of the resemblance! Perhaps you can try // // 

I’d recommend more, but my other links are Canadian-specific. 

I feel you

I remember seeing a pretty damn impressive screenshot of your 3D modeling work some time back of that deathrock model (her name escapes me at the moment) some time back—are you in game development? 

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Thought you got a gig as in-house graphic designer?

I only had the interview this Monday; I gleaned pretty positive signs, but I won’t be sure until next week. I’m near the end of my ad agency tenure, so I’m applying to other places to cover my bases.

I’ve also been so busy directing my power of creation into my job hunting and surviving; knocking down the opacity of my otherness, that I’ve become rather disconnected from my visuality.

I need to reallocate some of my stat points—reboot the character creation engine.


EgyptianLovHer shot by NickyOttav


EgyptianLovHer shot by NickyOttav

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My mate and I walked continuously for about 5 km today, and it was only then how we realized how ‘pale’ and sun-deprived this winter left us. Despite my utter cosmic insignificance to that star, in the bright of day, silhouetted in black and brittle-complected, I was a blackhole. 

I’ve been invited to a fetishesque masquerade deal this evening, but I’ve interacted with so many humans this week— …I don’t think my recharge will happen quick enough.

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